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Neck Coolers


bulletMiraCool products are a line of water-activated cooling accessories that can be worn at work or play, indoors or out. Available in over 30 colors and prints, MiraCool products appear to be a fashion accessory, yet they serve a real function in keeping the wearer feeling and looking cool. 

Encased within each MiraCool product, made of colorful 100% cotton, are super-absorbent polymer crystals. The crystals work just by soaking them in water and stay plump and hydrated for up to two full days. The crystals retain the coolness of the water and work in combination with the evaporation process against the skin to keep the wearer cool. 

Check our MiraCool's webpage for more information!


bulletSharper Image Design's Personal Cooling System lets you stay active -- or inactive -- in the heat and feel a whole lot cooler than you otherwise would. A high-tech version of the old ice-soaked towel.

The Personal Cooling System is very lightweight and easy to wear. You simply fill its two chambers with a few ounces of water, rest it comfortably and securely around your neck, and switch it on. A quiet motor drives a tiny fan that moves air across the water, creating evaporative cooling -- up to 20F cooler than the hot, dry air around you! The flexible sides hold the aluminum cooling plates against your neck -- and your entire body enjoys up to four hours of relief from the heat. It's a great way to stay comfortable -- and minimize heat stress -- when walking, mowing, gardening, watching sports or concerts -- just about any activity, anywhere!

Check out the Shaper Image's webpage for more information!



The "Chill Out" by Rainbow Designs.  The "Chill Out" is a head/neck band that contains water-absorbing crystals that cool and expand when soaked in cold water.  More information about "Chill Out" can be obtained from Rainbow Designs, at PO Box 1317, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-1317 or call them at 916-725-1034





Misty Mate, Inc., manufactures a complete line of personal, portable cooling systems used for a multitude of applications. Their products are used for sports, recreation, outdoor work, medical and commercial applications.  Misting works by forcing water through a brass and stainless steel mist nozzle producing a micro-fine mist. The water droplets that create the mist are so small, about one-half the diameter of a strand of hair, that they instantly flash evaporate. This flash evaporation can reduce the surrounding air as much as 30 F (16 C) in just seconds. This dome of cool refreshing air insulates you from the detrimental effects of the hot sun making any outdoor activity more enjoyable.


This super-fine mist is key for people with ichthyosis--when you normally get yourself wet to cool down, you end up washing off most of your creams.  So now you're cooler (not in danger of heat exhaustion), but you're still miserable because now you're all dried out.  The mist from a Misty Mate is so fine, it hardly disturbs the cream you've put on at all.  So it's the best of both worlds--you get the cooling effects of water, but your cream stays on.  Being moist and cool is the goal of all of us with ichthyosis.


Check out Misty Mate's webpage, where their most popular products are featured, along with pricing and ordering information.


Cool Vests



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Different companies have different technologies, but there are a wide variety of "cool vests" available.  Most rely on some type of inserts (sort of like "gel packs") to keep the wearer of the vest cool.  Some use phase change material (which works a bit differently).  Many were originally made for industrial occupations (road workers, fire fighters, etc) but serve people with ichthyosis very well in their everyday lives.


Several companies who produce personal cooling systems are listed below.  Check out their websites for more information:
bullet TechNiche International
bulletILC Dover, Inc.
bulletDura Kold
bulletSteele Vests 



If you have a child who needs a cool vest, but you can't afford one, consider contacting the HED Foundation.  They make cool vests available to children who need them who wouldn't otherwise have them.




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