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Below are pictures that people have sent us, in an effort to help raise awareness about ichthyosis.  Thank you for sharing your pictures.  You're helping everyone who comes here anxious to see what ichthyosis looks like in real life.


Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures.



3 month old boy with X-Linked Ichthyosis


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Baby girl with Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis (EHK)


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Baby boy "Winson" with Lamellar Ichthyosis

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Baby boy "Shane" with K.I.D. Syndrome


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Adult man with EHK





Baby boy "Marley" with Lamellar Ichthyosis 

PA300015.JPG (200664 bytes)  PA300016.JPG (201192 bytes)  shortly after birth

P5060088.JPG (199554 bytes)  six months


Mom and daughter with EHK 





Adult man with Lamellar


You could be here! 






This page is still being developed; we need your help to finish it! We’d like to include pictures of people with ichthyosis (you know, real-life pictures—not the kind you see in medical journals). Pictures would be useful to illustrate different levels of severity, what ichthyosis looks like at different ages, and maybe how similar in appearance different types may look (making accurate diagnosis difficult), and just to represent to people who are not familiar with ichthyosis what we might look like if you saw us on the street, and what we do in everyday life (everything everyone else does!). You don’t have to have pictures in electronic form—you can send us pictures through regular mail, we’ll scan them, and send them back to you. 


 More pictures

The University of Erlangen website has some fairly clear pictures of ichthyosis.


Do a search on  They've got some good information pages on ichthyosis, and they include some good pictures.  For example, here's their page on lamellar ichthyosis.



 Different Types

The Disease Information Pages on (FIRST's website) have some excellent background information and drawings that distinguish between many of the types of ichthyosis.










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