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Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

A daily favorite of many people with ichthyosis, Neutragena Healthy Scalp contains 1.8% Salicylic Acid, which is what differentiates it from regular dandruff shampoo.  However, it feels and smells like regular shampoo (not like a medicated shampoo often does).  About $7 for a regular sized bottle.


This one contains 3% Salicylic Acid, so it's stronger, in terms of managing scale.  It's fragrance-free, so it doesn't smell like a medicated shampoo, but it doesn't smell "pretty" like the Healthy Scalp shampoo either.  But the trade-off is that it's stronger.  Check out Neutrogena's webpage for more info.


P&S Liquid

P&S  is another product that has earned a place on the list of products long favored by people with ichthyosis.   P&S Liquid is intended for the treatment of Psoriasis. When left on overnight, it does a good job of loosening scales so they can be shampooed out in the morning. For more information on P&S Liquid, call 1-800-327-4114.


PDS Scalp Treatment

This scalp solution is part of the PDS line of products, and is formulated with NeoHydroxy Complex, a unique blend of alpha and poly hydroxyacids (AHAs/PHAs), and cooling menthol for use on dry, flaking scalps. Helps loosen and remove scales, while moisturizing the scalp. 

For a comprehensive analysis of PDS, check out a Case Study that NeoStrata did.  Besides showing the very impressive results that patients saw, it also provides some great pictures of what different types of ichthyotic skin look like.

Check out NeoStrata's webpage for more information, including ordering both within the U.S. and internationally.  




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