Last updated August 7, 2008
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This section is simply a compilation of products that people with ichthyosis use.  This section will always be in a state of construction, as we would like to continually add new products to them.  Please send us information about products that you use that are helpful, so we can add them! 

  • Products appear here because they have been suggested by users of this site.  If you have any doubts about using any of these products (or, of course, in the case of products that require a prescription), please consult your dermatologist before proceeding.

  • We do not sell any of these products directly on this site.  Please don't email us asking to purchase them!  Where at all possible, we've tried to include contact information for where you can purchase them.

  • We do not make any claims about the effectiveness or appropriateness of any of these products.  That's between you and your doctor to decide.

  • Some of the products listed (particularly AHA creams) require a prescription. We've tried to note whether products are OTC or by prescription if not otherwise obvious.

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