Last updated January 1, 2013
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Miscellaneous Hints


Many people with ichthyosis find that the occluding their skin (creaming it, and then covering it in some type of plastic) greatly helps to shed the scales that they want to get rid of.  When you occlude the skin, it may burn or itch more than normally.  Several things can minimize the discomfort: only occluding portions of the body rather than the entire body (just the arms, the legs, even just the hands), occluding just before bed and sleeping through most of the uncomfortable hours, using a milder cream or lotion than you normally would (a mixture of half water, half propylene glycol seems to be a favorite that people use when occluding).

To achieve the occlusion, some people use Saran Wrap (or other kitchen plastic wrap), and secure it with bandages (I've used horse wraps to do this!  Other people have used Ace bandages, etc.).  Also, several companies make occlusion suits (pants, tops, booties, etc.).  Check out Delasco's webpage for information on their line of occlusion suits.  You may want to try out the Saran Wrap method first, to see if you like the results of occlusion.  However, if you do like what occlusion does, an occlusion suit is well worth the investment, as it is much more comfortable.

Other Hints


Jill wrote:

On my lips I use Burt's Bee's chap stick, a natural line of products available at most natural foods stores.  I try to drink 8 glasses of water a day and take flax seed, borage seed, or evening primrose oils (all essential fatty acids) by capsule internally to help. The best sunblock I've found that doesn't irritate my skin and actually prevents me from burning is Aubrey Organics Titanium Sunblock SPF25. It is available at larger heath food stores.