Last updated January 1, 2013
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About Laura


I was born with Lamellar Ichthyosis.  I was born a collodion baby, and spent several weeks in the hospital before I was able to come home.  My parents had to give themselves a real education in ichthyosis!   Luckily, though, at least I was correctly diagnosed early, and my parents had access to wonderful pediatricians and dermatologists who helped us.

Laura age 3


This is me when I was 3.

 I had lots of friends, and good times at school, but school sure presented more than its share of problems.  Looking different than everyone else is no fun when you're young.




:: Yes, it's really me!
People who meet me now, as an adult, for the first time can't believe this is what I looked like as a child. 

Laura age 11





This is me when I was 11.

When I was 13, I started taking Accutane (one of the retinoids).  This helped my skin tremendously-- it improved it more than I could have using the creams and other things I had at the time.









Chris and Laura wedding photoSo that's me and Chris, when we got married in June, 1997.  That's also what I look like when I'm taking Accutane.  Big difference, huh?

Chris has been very supportive of me, especially where my skin is concerned.  In fact, most of the time my skin bothers me more than it does him. 

Chris went to his first FIRST National Conference before we were married, back in 1995, in San Diego.  Chris has always been involved in with computers, both as a hobby and professionally.  Back in San Diego he had the idea that there should be internet resources for people with ichthyosis.   After returning from the 1998 National Conference in Philadelphia, Chris was more motivated than ever to do something on the internet for people with ichthyosis.  So he started designing this website.  We've worked on it together, but it was Chris' idea, and he's the one that has really made it happen.

Chris also encouraged me to stop taking Accutane (due to the risk of side effects).  1998 was the last year that I took Accutane. 





Stanley and Eddie


This is me with Stanley and Eddie, our two horses.  They're both dressage horses.  I've ridden since I was 8 and can't imagine not having horses in my life.  Being with horses is where I find peace and comfort.

Below is a picture of me with Eddie at a show.






Eddie at a show