Last updated January 1, 2013
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Helpful Hints



The information presented under Helpful Hints serves as a clearinghouse for knowledge about real-life care for ichthyotic skin. The information has been provided by users of this site in an effort to help others by sharing their experiences and knowledge. If you have tips of your own that you would like to add or comments (good or bad) about tips that are presented, please let us know.

  • All the tips that are posted under Helpful Hints are ideas that have been used by people who have ichthyosis.  The tips are not medical advice; the posters are not medical professionals.  

  • Just because it worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Everyone’s skin is just a little bit different.

  • Please use common sense and the knowledge you have about yourself to determine whether these tips sound like something that would work for you. Some things that work for other people may not do anything for your skin; they may work like magic; or they may really irritate your skin. Some things you can just read about and know immediately that they would or would not work for you; some things you just don’t know until you try yourself. 

  • Some of these tips require a prescription or are a little more extreme and, therefore, probably require a consultation with your dermatologist before you try them out.

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When in doubt, always ask your doctor before trying out a new treatment.

Picture of doctor on call

Keep in mind that different things work well for different types of ichthyosis.  For example, forms of ichthyosis like EHK (that involve blistering) may need very different products or techniques than other forms.

Want more information, or have a question about how people are using a particular treatment? Consider asking your question on our bulletin board or in the chat room.


:: Do you have a good tip?
Do you have a good tip about caring for ichthyosis that you'd like to share?  Email me, and I'll add your thoughts!