Last updated January 1, 2013
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:: Formula One
I love Formula One Racing!  Check out their official webpage for more info.

McLaren race car


:: Salt Water Reef Tank
I recently started keeping a salt water reef tank.  If you've ever considered having a salt water tank yourself, Mr SaltwaterTank has a ton of good information for you. 



About Chris


 Poem on Horse From the Handbook of Chineese Horoscopes by by Theodora Lau

picture of Chris

I believe in Chinese horoscopes, and I am a Fire Horse.  Fire Horses are rare; they come only once every 60 years; the last Fire Horse year was 1966, and it will not come again until 2026.   Whatever passions the Horse normally possesses is said to be multiplied many times over when you are born in the year of the Fire Horse.  Legend has it that the Fire Horse will consume everything in his path and wreak havoc wherever he goes