I am an Indian and I was born with Ichthyosis (mild to medium condition which got a bit better as I grew older). My mother too had it. But since we were poor, my family did not bother because it was not life-threatening. We used petroleum jelly to ease the itching. But it did not help much to better my skin. I had no idea what my problem was, just that I did not have normal skin.
However as I grew older I tried different things. Now my skin could almost be considered normal. Only small patches on the leg below the knee. For the last 10 years I have been using my own formulation - 50% of Pure Glycerin (you can get over the counter from any pharmacist) + 50% of Rose water (get from any Indian shop). If you dont have rose water just use plain tap water. Mix it up vigorously and store. Immediately after shower, when the skin is still soft apply this lotion all over. It will be a bit sticky for a while but wait till the skin absorbs. In just a few days you can see the difference. When it is a bit more hotter and humid weather, I use 25% Pure Glycerin + 75% water. Even when I was trying to find my own treatment, I did not know what I had.
When I was in UK, during winters I topped it up with Eucerin 10% Urea lotion. I waited tell the Glycerin concoction was absorbed by my skin and then applied Eucerin lotion over it. This is one of the cheapest and effective treatments I could devise on my own. I saw Eucerin in one of the Boots stores in London and noticed it mentioned Intensive moisturising for dry, itchy, flaky skin and conditions including eczema, ichthyosis, hyperkeratosis, xeroderma. Even then I was unaware of what my problem was. I was a bit ashamed and embarassed to go to a doctor with my snake like skin. I did not know that there were others who suffered from this. So I looked up the internet to see what each of the conditions meant. That was where I learnt that my condition is called Ichthyosis. It was just 2 years ago... and I am 45 now!!!
It worked for me. I hope you put up this tip on your website. I hope it reaches the wider community and helps people.